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Reduce form-filling, increase time focused on client needs, and collaborate seamlessly with other legal professionals.


Reduce risk in unbundled cases, and receive early warnings on potential conflicts, Imerman issues, domestic violence and other risk factors.


Receive essential client information ahead of first consultation, automatically populate key forms and generate chronologies.

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what is ?

Developed in conjunction with leading Family Law solicitor Alan Larkin, Siaro is an online platform that allows you to gather all relevant client information prior to initial consultation in divorce and separation cases.

This client information can then be accessed through a simple online dashboard, putting you in full possession of the facts ahead of your first meeting.

Client information can be accessed and amended throughout the case by both client and representative.

With Siaro you can work collaboratively with other legal professionals involved in your case, linking solicitors, mediators and arbitrators on the same system. It also gives you peace of mind by minimising potential risks when working on unbundled cases.

Siaro offers time-saving features including the function to automatically populate Form E and to create asset schedules and chronologies.

how works

It couldn’t be simpler. You give your client a link to the Siaro online platform – which they can access for free on a desktop, tablet or smartphone – to create their own profile. They do this by inputting their details through an easy-to-use and intelligent conditional logic questionnaire, which means clients only need to answer questions relevant to their case.

The data captured will provide you with a comprehensive picture of your client’s situation ahead of the first consultation, and Siaro will identify possible conflicts of interest and highlight urgent issues for attention.


for you...

Save your valuable time and the time of your client by gathering their case details before the first consultation. Siaro performs the fact-find for you and red-flags any potential concerns that may need addressing.

for your client...

Your clients have free 24/7 access to Siaro, where they can update their own account at any time. In the course of entering their information they are supported by the Contextual Help System, which guides them through the process and prepares them for their first consultation with you.

to unbundle...

With many potential clients wishing to employ a solicitor on a limited retainer, Siaro’s guided pathway questionnaire provides you with a complete picture of your client’s case no matter where they are in the process. This ensures that you can advise them from a fully-informed position at all times.

to engage...

Divorce and separation cases can be stressful for clients. It can be a challenge at the first meeting to build a rapport with a client who may be emotional whilst attempting to establish the facts of the case. With Siaro, you have the facts in front of you before the first consultation, allowing you to offer informed advice from the outset and build a relationship with the client.

for efficiency...

Siaro has a number of time saving features. These include the ability to quickly create chronologies, and asset and income schedules. Crucially it also enables you to directly populate key forms including Form E and D81 at the touch of a button. Siaro is an online platform so there is no need to change your in-house IT systems. Clients log in. You log in: it’s as simple as that.

collaborate using

You can work collaboratively with other members of the legal profession using Siaro, cutting down on time and paperwork.

If the partner of your client is also using Siaro for their case you can work directly with their representative, making fact-checking and problem-solving far simpler and ensuring there is consistency between bank accounts, property holdings, pensions etc.

The system can also be used to share case and client information with mediators and arbitrators, allowing effortless collaboration on cases throughout the entire process.

we never compromise on the security of client data

Siaro puts security first. While other systems have been forced to adapt in an attempt to secure their data in the Cloud, Siaro was designed specifically to provide Cloud security. Our starting point was to ensure that all client and company data was safe, so all architecture and source code was produced with this in mind.

Each element of Siaro’s distributed system is secured to the highest industry standards. We use a combination of hashing, tokens, SSL, AES and RSA encryption to keep data secure in transit, while state-of-the-art data-centres keep physical data safe, encrypted and backed-up to give you peace of mind.

The Siaro pilot will be starting soon. If you would like to be part of it or just want more information on the system please enter your details below.
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